Mexican president proposes ban on open-pit mining – by Staff ( – February 10, 2024)

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, presented before parliament a series of constitutional reforms among which there’s a proposal to modify Article 27 so that it prohibits open-pit mining.

In detail, his proposal calls for banning the granting of open-pit mining concessions and activities related to the exploration, exploitation, benefit or use of minerals, metals or metalloids using the open-pit method. To argue his case, López Obrador said that open-pit mining causes severe environmental damage and uses excessive water that could be supplied to water-scarce communities.

“It is clear that open-pit mining transgresses human rights by affecting the right to a healthy environment and good health,” his proposal states. “The most significant effects are evident in the communities and towns near project areas, placing them in a situation of vulnerability and inequality.”

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