Mining industry looks to newcomers to fill workforce gaps – Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – January 29, 2024)

New report from Mining Industry Human Resources Council offers insight into challenges, benefits of attracting immigrants to sector

Newcomers to Canada are choosing careers in mining at a lower rate than careers in other sectors, according to a new report from the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR). Yet it’s a demographic that could help alleviate widespread labour shortages in an industry that is predicted to need 80,000 workers by 2030 to meet demand, as older workers retire and demand for metals balloons.

The national organization, which works with industry to help identify labour market trends and develop solutions, presented its most recent findings during a Jan. 25 virtual presentation hosted by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum (CIM).

The report — “Support for Newcomer Integration into Canada’s Mining Sector” — will be available on the MiHR website shortly. Victoria Burnie, MiHR’s manager of equity, diversity and inclusion, said immigrants are underrepresented across roles within the sector.

“Immigrants are just not choosing mining and/or mining isn’t choosing immigrants in the job market competition stage,” Burnie said. “So we can conclude here that there are barriers here that are specific to the mining industry.”

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