Justin Trudeau’s naive EV plan hands the keys to China – by Kelly McParland (National Post – December 29, 2023)


Flooding the world with electric vehicles that Beijing manufactures using power produced by burning coal hardly helps to fight climate change

First off, let’s be clear that I have nothing against electric vehicles. Never mind saving the planet, who wants to pull up to a grimy gas pump on a howling winter day and risk hypothermia for the privilege of paying whatever ransom oil companies are demanding for another tankful of “dirty” fuel?

So fine, electricity is good. But let’s be serious. Canada is just the latest country to set a firm date for the future to arrive. In our case it’s 2035, when gas guzzlers are out. No high-test for you! It will be a new dawn, an electric vehicle (EV) world. Ready or not, here we come.

Or what? Canada controls precisely zero major car manufacturers. We build and buy cars from companies based in other countries. Should they fail to solve the myriad issues still confronting the EV market, a future Canadian government can do nothing about it.

And there are problems aplenty. Among auto giants, General Motors has been among the truest of believers. For chief executive Mary Barra, EV constitutes the first two letters in evangelism. Don’t let doubt get in the way, just put your faith in faith.

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