Trudeau’s eco ego stifling investment in Canada – by Lorne Gunter (Toronto Sun – December 5, 2023)

Why does it seem that every time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault have a big environmental announcement to make — that affects the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Alberta workers and small businesspeople — they make those announcements outside the country?

The latest example was Guilbeault’s release of stringent new methane emission regulations announced Monday. Did he proclaim them in downtown Calgary or in one of Alberta’s large natural gas fields, where billions of dollars of investment and thousands of well-paying jobs could be affected?

Of course not. He waited until he was in Dubai for the latest United Nations eco-fest, known as COP28, to puff out his chest and boast to the world that Canada would be the first nation to cut methane emissions by 75% by 2030.

He waited until he was surrounded by his kind of people — celebrities, socially “woke” consultants, billionaires, officials from the world’s governments, climate activists and “green” cultists who love to fly around the world in jets spewing millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide, staying at five-star hotels, consuming scads of exotic foods and patting one another on the back for how environmentally conscious and morally superior they are.

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