Canada must do more to connect the electric vehicle supply chain, industry executives say – by Jeffrey Jones (Globe and Mail – December 4, 2023)

Canadian ambition to be a force in electric vehicles could be driven off course by insufficient support for key segments within the supply chain, including critical-mineral processing, or the lack of a strategy to attract capital with incentives from government, senior industry executives say.

The country is already playing catch-up with Europe, the United States and China, which have plowed ahead with massive investments as demand for zero-emission transport trends higher.

Canada must develop its own long-term blueprint, incorporating the minerals used in batteries and other components right through to assembling vehicles and developing charging networks, according to a survey of sector leaders conducted by Accelerate. The industry association is a coalition of manufacturers, parts suppliers, miners and others seeking to weave together that supply chain.

Governments have committed tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to manufacturing plants for batteries and their components in Ontario and Quebec. A missing piece remains the capacity to process raw materials that go into those cells.

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