Researchers bring the ‘Sudbury method’ to Peru, to help clean up mine waste (CBC News Sudbury – November 18, 2023)

Scientists say work in Sudbury to rehabilitate the landscape damaged by mining is recognized worldwide

Researchers from northern Ontario are in Peru where they are sharing their knowledge of what has become known as the “Sudbury method.” The Sudbury method refers to the community’s work over decades to rehabilitate a landscape damaged by mining and smelting.

“Sudbury has become recognized almost globally now for taking one of the most damaged landscapes on planet Earth and through a lot of work by citizens, community members, industry and government, turning it into actually a really, really nice place to live,” said Graeme Spiers, an emeritus professor in environmental and earth sciences at Laurentian University.

Spiers said researchers at Peru’s National University of Moquegua invited him and some of his colleagues to share the lessons they learned rehabilitating Sudbury’s infamous “moonscape.”

The region near the university is a mining hub in Peru, home to some of the world’s largest copper and gold mines. Spiers said the community is concerned about a mine in the area that closed 10 years ago.

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