Canada Has A New $250 Coin Made Of Pure Silver & It’s A Monochromatic Dream – by Mike Chaar ( – November 2023)

The Royal Canadian Mint has introduced a brand new $250 coin made up of one kilogram of pure silver. The Silver Maple Leaf coin is a 2024 release featuring a completely monochromatic look. The new coin is valued at $250 but costs a whopping US$2,098.40 to purchase, which is fair considering it is, in fact, a kilogram of pure silver.

“An elegant showpiece and an exquisite example of world-class craftsmanship, your coin has been meticulously crafted in 1 kilogram of 99.99% pure silver,” the Royal Canadian Mint wrote on its website. On the coin’s reverse, a silver maple leaf designed by Canadian artist Lilyane Coulombe can be seen with intricate formations within to create a pulsating effect along with an engraving of the 250-dollar value.

“The optical effect is produced by an array of sub-millimetre-scale mirrors, which have been micro-engineered and precisely engraved to reflect light in a way that creates the illusion of movement within the maple leaf,” the Mint noted.

This is the first time that pulsating technology has been utilized on such a large coin surface, creating an unforgettable viewing experience for any coin connoisseur or collector.

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