Northern Road Link over a decade away from completion – by Nicole Stoffman (Timmins Daily Press – November 17, 2023)

Concerns raised over impact on wildlife of $1billion project

Concerns about Caribou herds, and sturgeon were conveyed at a public information session for the Northern Road Link on Monday, Nov. 13 at the Best Western Hotel in Timmins. “There’s calving areas and two different herds going through there,” Woodhouse said. “They are very sensitive to noise and sound and any disturbance.”

Qasim Saddique, project co-lead, answered that Caribou monitoring has been ongoing through a collaring program. While collaring, they will take a sample, and if a collared animal dies, they go back and investigate.

“We’re trying to collect the most comprehensive data sets ever collected on Caribou in this part of Canada,” Saddique said, adding that it is being shared with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, and can be shared with those in a data sharing agreement with the ministry.

Saddique said it’s too early to know how the road will impact the Caribou. “There are different mitigation measures available across the country, lessons learned and we hope to implement the best in class mitigation measures available, once we understand what the impacts are.”

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