Report identifies ‘generational gap’ within mining ranks on adapting to new tech – by Casey Stranges (Northern Ontario Business – November 9, 2023)

Northern workforce boards say industry, schools and government need to play catch-up on industry upskilling

A large segment of the mining industry’s workforce is in danger of being left behind by new, high-tech changes in the field. That’s one of the findings in Balancing the Potential Impact of New Innovations and Technologies, a recent report by Workforce Planning for Sudbury & Manitoulin and the Labour Market Group in North Bay.

According to the paper, changes in the sector are forcing Northern Ontario’s aging labour pool to adopt new skills to stay competitive.

And despite a commitment from the Ontario government to develop the region’s mineral resources and a push to help foster innovation in Northern Ontario with new technology, the current workforce – at least when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous equipment, and battery electric vehicles (BEV) – is playing catch-up.

Reggie Caverson, executive director of Workforce Planning for Sudbury & Manitoulin and one of the report’s co-authors, said a lot of money, both government and private, has been focused on tech, not workers.

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