World will stop without copper but price not reflecting upcoming needs – by Martin Creamer ( – November 6, 2023)

JOHANNESBURG ( – Copper and zinc mine development company Orion Minerals is well placed to take advantage of the projected copper shortfall in the second half of this decade with its portfolio of short lead-time, quality assets and exploration potential, S2Research analyst Simon Hudson-Peacock stated on Monday.

Globally, there are very few copper projects of similar quality that are as advanced along the value curve with secured funding, as is the ASX- and JSE-listed Orion, with its 750 000 t of declared compliant copper equivalent mineralisation, Hudson-Peacock pointed out in the October 6 analysis.

Hudson-Peacock’s comments are contained in a 23-page valuation update, which quotes Glencore CEO Gary Nagle as telling Forbes magazine on October 20 that: “The world just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t understand that a massive copper deficit is coming.” The world will stop without the additional copper supply but the price of copper is not reflecting it.

Orion’s Prieska copper/zinc mine and its Okiep copper project are not far from entering the construction and implementation stage, which will open the way for South Africa to become a producer of two critical metals required for the global energy transition.

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