‘Deep Rising’ Review: Jason Momoa Narrates a Murky Doc on Deep-Sea Mining – by Frank Scheck (The Hollywood Reporter – January 21, 2023)



The actor also executive produced Matthieu Rytz’s film exploring the many issues concerning the mining of the ocean floor.

You can get visual whiplash while watching Matthieu Rytz’s documentary about the geopolitical, economic, social and ecological ramifications of mining the planet’s ocean floors for metals. One minute, you think you’re watching an IMAX documentary about gorgeous creatures of the deep, with enough amazingly translucent jellyfish on display to satisfy any stoner’s need for optical stimuli.

The next minute, there’s seemingly endless footage of discussions going on in corporate boardrooms, congressional hearings, investor meetings and cocktail parties, with the faces of many participants blurred out as if they were appearing on an episode of Cops.

Unfortunately, there’s more of the latter footage than the former, with the result that Deep Rising, receiving its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, can be a frustratingly (and ironically, considering the subject matter) dry experience.

Jason Momoa, who also executive produced, serves as the film’s narrator, an appropriate choice not only because of his environmental activism work, but also because, if you’re going to make a documentary about plumbing the oceans’ depths, who better than Aquaman himself?

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