Asteroid mining startup to launch mission in early 2024 – by Staff (Northern Miner – October 19, 2023)

AstroForge, a U.S.-based startup with plans to mine asteroids, is fine-tuning details for the launch of a spacecraft in the first quarter of next year, which would make it the first private company to visit an M-type asteroid and operate in deep space.

The Brokkr-2 spacecraft will travel on board Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket, which will carry a drill to explore the Moon’s surface, as part of NASA’s Artemis program.

AstroForge’s mission will continue further until reaching an M-type asteroid, which contains higher concentrations of metal than regular asteroids. If successful, it would mark a significant milestone on the startup’s mission to commercially mine asteroids for critical resources.

The California-based firm successfully test fired in September the rockets that will allow Brokkr-2 to reach the target celestial body, located 35.4 million km from Earth. This was a crucial step before the spacecraft is integrated with the SpaceX rocket next year.

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