Communities on the Move: How Dryden is preparing for a mining boom – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – October 16, 2023)

Northwestern Ontario pulp mill town plans for population surge, expanded housing needs over the next decade

The construction of an open-pit gold mine outside the City of Dryden could turn this northwestern Ontario community into a boom town practically overnight.

Should Treasury Metals greenlight construction on its Goliath Project at the end of 2024, Dryden will have a two-year headstart to put its plan into motion to accommodate an influx of new arrivals and businesses before the mine goes into production in 2026.

Goliath, located 20 kilometres to the east along the Trans-Canada Highway, could create 450 mining jobs in the area over an initial 13-year mine life. The Dryden area has become a hotbed for gold and lithium exploration in recent years. And for junior mining companies working nearby, Dryden’s service economy provides them with everything they want, with amenities required for long-term stays, supplies, maintenance, and logistical support.

According to Dryden’s draft Official Plan, mining activity could boost the community’s current population of 7,400 to more than 10,300 by 2041.Dryden’s population could itch up to more than 11,200 if the Nuclear Waste Management Organization decides next year to place a deep nuclear waste repository near Ignace, an hour’s drive to the east.

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