Ring of Fire road projects are ‘sovereignty’ issue, says Anishinaabe documentary filmmaker – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – October 5, 2023)



Thunder Bay’s Tony McGuire wades through the conflict and contradiction of Far North development

When Thunder Bay and Anishinaabe filmmaker Tony McGuire embarked upon a documentary project on the proposed roads to the Ring of Fire, he admittedly struggled with finding a focus. “We weren’t really sure how to tell the story.”

McGuire had been invited by the isolated communities of Marten Falls and Webequie First Nations to take on a lightning rod of a topic among Indigenous people, environmental groups, politicians and industry for the last 15 years.

For some, the Ring of Fire and the access roads to it would provide opportunity for well-paying jobs, improved community infrastructure, and the creation of a new northern economy. For others, industrial development would dramatically alter Indigenous people’s way of life for the worse and irreparably damage the region’s fragile ecosystem.

Open-minded in his approach, McGuire initially thought the project would be rather dry, somewhat technical, subject matter. Maybe, he thought, interview a few folks in the communities to sample some local opinion about development.

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