The politics of climate alarmism – by Derek H. Burney (National Post – October 3, 2023)

The climate debate has been hijacked by a political narrative that brooks neither dissent nor balance

Damaging weather events inevitably lead to climate evangelists making apocalyptic claims of imminent disaster. UN Secretary General António Guterres led the most recent chorus, talking about “global boiling” and raising alarmism to a fever pitch.

Yet, more than 1,600 scientists, including two Nobel physics laureates, have signed a declaration stating that, “There is no climate emergency.” That poses a serious political problem for any government that has been arguing the contrary.

When fires devastated the picturesque Hawaiian town of Lahaina in August, killing 97 people, the governor immediately blamed climate change. During his subsequent visit, President Joe Biden endorsed that judgment. On closer inspection, the evidence suggested a staggering degree of administrative incompetence, notably flawed public utility facilities that literally sparked the fires and constrained the supply of water needed to staunch the flames.

In contrast, Florida managed to cope competently and efficiently with the deadly force of Hurricane Idalia later that same month, with minimal deaths and few outrageous allegations about climate change.

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