Solid NDP win cements Kinew as 1st First Nations premier in Manitoba history – by Bryce Hoye (CBC News Manitoba – October 3, 2023)

New Democrats emerge with enough seats to form majority government

The NDP sailed to victory Tuesday night with a solid win that cements leader Wab Kinew as Manitoba’s first First Nations premier and also nets the party enough seats to form a majority government. NDP Leader Wab Kinew led his party with a projected win in Fort Rouge, and while results continue to come in, the New Democrats will come away with at least the 29 seats needed to form a majority government.

“This is a great victory for all of us in Manitoba,” Kinew said to thunderous applause at NDP campaign headquarters Tuesday night. “We can do amazing things when we stand together as one province.” Kinew’s win makes Manitoba the first Canadian province to elect a First Nations premier.

He thanked Heather Stefanson for her service as premier. The PC leader will step down as party leader, she said as she conceded her party’s defeat to the NDP. Stefanson became Manitoba’s first woman premier when she took the job after Brian Pallister stepped down in fall 2021.

“Mr. Kinew and I don’t always agree on everything, but like me, I know that he loves this province and he loves the people of Manitoba,” Stefanson said. “Wab, I hope that your win tonight inspires a future generation of Indigenous youth to get involved in our democratic process — not just here in Manitoba but right across the country.”

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