Nornickel begins extraction of ore 2km deep (Green Car Congress – October 3, 2023)

Nornickel, Russia’s leading metals and mining company, has begun extraction at the Glubokaya (Deep) shaft of the Skalisty (Rocky) mine, reaching depths of 2 kilometers. This move will enable Nornickel to substantially boost extraction of the most valuable and rich ore.

To initiate the extraction, the company connected two independent vertical shafts—the ventilation and skip-hoist. The connection was achieved at a depth of 1,943 meters. This integration facilitated the mine’s essential infrastructure and initiated its primary ventilation system. No one in the Eurasian mining industry has ventured this deep before, Nornickel said.

The construction of the safe, high-tech Deep shaft at the Rocky mine is one of Nornickel’s pivotal investment projects, significantly influencing the company’s mineral resource base development outlook.

Currently, the mine holds about 60 million tonnes of rich ore, roughly 20 million tonnes of copper ore, and more than 200 million tonnes of speckled ore. With the connection of these two shafts, access has been gained to new horizons of the Oktyabrsky deposit, where more than 37 million tons of rich ore have been explored and confirmed.

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