Ring of Fire developer Wyloo Metals rebrands to Wyloo – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – September 27, 2023)


Australian company decides to place its global mineral assets under one banner

Australia’s Wyloo Metals has again rebranded its mineral assets in Ontario’s Ring of Fire. The Perth-headquartered mine developer has decided to place its Canadian and Western Australian mine and exploration properties under the single banner of Wyloo.

Privately owned Wyloo acquired the assets of Toronto’s Noront Resources in April 2022, which comprises the Eagle’s Nest nickel project and its chromite properties, 500 kilometres north of Thunder Bay.

Last October, Wyloo decided to build a single brand identity with these Ontario assets with the name Ring of Fire Metals. Wyloo’s acquisition of Mincor Resources last month prompted the mining company to “unify” everything under one brand name.

“After the rapid growth we’ve experienced during the past two years,” said Wyloo CEO Luca Giacovazzi in a news release, “we wanted to bring all of our companies together under one name to reflect our unique position in the market and the synergies we will achieve as one team.”

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