Coal mining company applies for new drilling permit in Grassy Mountain deposit – by Elise von Scheel (CBC News Calgary – September 21, 2023)

Company’s previously proposed project was rejected 2 years ago

The company that had a coal mining project at Grassy Mountain rejected two years ago has submitted a new proposal for drilling and exploration in that southwestern corner of Alberta.

Northback Holdings Corporation, previously called Benga Mining Limited, has submitted three fresh applications to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for work in the area. One asking for authorization to run a coal exploration program, one for temporary water diversion, and one for a deep drilling permit.

The company is seeking permission to mine steel-making coal from the Grassy Mountain deposit, located a few kilometres north of Blairmore, Alta., in the Crowsnest Pass. Northback, owned by an Australian parent company, wants to drill 46 boreholes between 150 and 550 metres deep on a mix of Crown land and its own private land.

The application, submitted at the end of August, asks the AER for permission to start exploration on Oct. 15. It says it wants to “better understand the full depth of the Grassy Mountain deposit, to obtain raw coal samples/acid rock drainage samples,” plus model the structure of the seams of coal.

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