New silver-based antibacterial gel 100 times more effective in killing hospital-acquired infections – by Staff ( – September 18, 2023)

Silver and sulphur-containing amino acids are the main components of a new antibacterial gel that is said to be a hundred times more effective than similar products.

A paper published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B states that the proposed medication is cheap, non-toxic and easy to synthesize, which means it could potentially be used to cure hospital-acquired infections.

According to the study, the synthesis of new-generation drugs that are aimed at fighting pathogenic bacteria and biofilms—microbial communities attached to each other or any other surface—has become urgent as the misuse of antibiotics has led to drug resistance in bacteria.

Silver has gained prominence as an effective antibiotic additive as the metal has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. So far, silver nanoparticles have shown their effectiveness in wound dressings, implants and catheters.

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