Why investors should make room for fertilizer stocks in their portfolios – by James Cooper (Northern Miner – September 8, 2023)


Today I want to draw your attention to the other side of the commodities market — food. The soft commodities are an important but overlooked investment theme. As we head toward the pointy end of this commodity cycle, the ‘softs’ as some like to call them, could follow the same trajectory as their metal cousins.

While the demand and supply fundamentals are different, commodity-wide booms are just that — higher prices across all sectors of this market. This is what we witnessed during the last early 2000s boom.

So, what would drive prices higher for things like grain, rice, oats in the years ahead? Well, on the demand side, we have a burgeoning global middle class that’s ravenous for meat.

As populations in the east climb the wealth ladder, moving from poverty to middle class, so too do their eating habits, from a vegetable-based diet to one that’s dominated by meat.

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