Queensland coalmines to rival electricity sector for climate pollution by 2030, report finds – by Graham Readfearn (The Guardian – September 6, 2023)


Eighteen new coal projects represent ‘carbon bomb’ that should not be approved, conservationists say

Emissions of methane that escape from Queensland coalmines will rival the state’s electricity sector for climate pollution by 2030 if a clutch of new projects are allowed to go ahead, according to a new report.

Conservationists have identified 18 new coal projects in development in Queensland – most of them targeting coal to export for steelmaking – that will represent a “carbon bomb” and should not be approved.

The report, from the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) and Lock the Gate, says seven of the projects are too small to be included in expected Albanese government changes to the safeguard mechanism that will target the country’s biggest emitters for emissions reductions.

The report is likely an underestimate of the methane that will actually be released.International Energy Agency data suggests so-called fugitive emissions from coal, oil and gas in Australia are 60% higher than official figures, largely based on figures from the industry.

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