From ‘Ring of Fire’ to Mincor: Twiggy’s nickel dream drives Wyloo boss – by Simon Johanson (Sydney Morning Herald – September 3, 2023)

Ask Wyloo Metals boss Luca Giacovazzi, 31, if he’s a bit young to be four years into running a pure-play nickel miner that wrestled control of Canada’s fabled “Ring of Fire” basin from resources giant BHP, and he quips: “Don’t hold it against me.”

As head of Wyloo, Giacovazzi has the ear of mining magnate Andrew Forrest. The $1.5 billion mining and exploration company he has been building with strategic and capital creating deals since 2019 sits alongside Squadron Energy as a prize asset in Forrest’s private investment vehicle Tattarang.

The wunderkind grew up in Johannesburg, gained a scholarship to study at Sydney University, and ended up returning to Australia to work as a Credit Suisse investment banker specialising in metals before joining the Forrests.

“I always look back on my life and think how lucky I was that I ended up with Tattarang and Andrew because it’s been like a second family for me. I’m in my seventh year now. We’ve had a lot of freedom as a private company to be able to go out and do deals,” Giacovazzi says.

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