SNC-Lavalin stands ready as Hydro-Québec eyes renewed push into nuclear power – by Konrad Yakabuski (Globe and Mail – August 30, 2023)

Michael Sabia had barely started his new job at Hydro-Québec when the provincially owned utility best known for its massive hydroelectric dams said it is taking a renewed look at nuclear power, as it seeks to dramatically increase its energy supply by mid-century.

Mr. Sabia, who took over as Hydro-Québec’s chief executive on Aug. 1, has a mandate from Premier François Legault to add thousands of megawatts to the Quebec’s electricity grid to help the province achieve its net-zero carbon goal by 2050.

And an Aug. 10 Journal de Montréal article revealed that the new CEO has already commissioned a feasibility study on relaunching the Gentilly-2 nuclear power station that Hydro-Québec shut down in 2012.

Hydro-Québec subsequently acknowledged “an evaluation on the current state of the station is underway to evaluate our options and to feed our reflection on Quebec’s future energy offering,” adding “it would be irresponsible at this time to exclude certain energy sectors.”

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