Metal detectorists unearth 2,000-year-old gold coins in Wales – by Neils Christensen (Kitco News – August 16, 2023)

(Kitco News) – Three British metal detectorists are celebrating the find of a lifetime after unearthing a hoard of 2,000-year-old coins in North-Western Wales, which could provide new clues about commercial activity in the region during the Iron Age.

The treasure hunters found a total of 15 ancient gold coins known as staters in a field on the Isle of Anglesey between July 2021 and March 2022. These are the first Iron Age gold coins to have been discovered in Wales, said the Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales in a press release.

The museum said that the coins were struck between 60 BC and 20 BC at three different mints across what is now Lincolnshire. The research said they believe the coins belonged to the Corieltavi tribe, who inhabited the area during the late Iron Age.

The museum said the design of each of the coins is very stylized, derived from Macedonian gold coins of Phillip II, which show the bust of Apollo on the obverse (heads side) and a two-horsed chariot and charioteer on the reverse (tails side). Roberts was the first to discover what has now become a treasure trove, unearthing two coins.

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