Lucara Diamond to replace CEO Eira Thomas – by Staff ( – August 14, 2023)

Lucara Diamond (TSX: LUC) announced Monday the company will appoint William Lamb as president and chief executive officer and a director, replacing Eira Thomas.

Thomas co-founded Lucara in 2007 with partners Lukas Lundin and Catherine McLeod-Seltzer and took on the role of president and CEO in 2018. The company did not specify a date for the intended leadership transition.

Thomas has been integral to the development and success of the company’s 100% owned Karowe diamond mine, which is the world’s leading source of large exceptional quality Type IIa diamonds, Lucara said in the statement.

The board said it would like to acknowledge the special contributions that Thomas made over her many years of involvement with Lucara in her capacity as a director, and specifically over the last five years as CEO.

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