Does the Niger Coup Pose a Threat to Nuclear Power Plants in France? – by Sebastiane Ebatamehi (African Exponent – August 14, 2023)

The recent coup in Niger has sparked concerns about potential disruptions to uranium supplies for France’s nuclear power plants.

The coup in Niger has raised concerns regarding potential disruptions to uranium exports from the West African nation, which could impact nuclear power generation not only in France but also elsewhere. Nonetheless, experts suggest that short-term challenges can likely be mitigated due to diversified sourcing and ample inventory levels.

France, uniquely reliant on nuclear energy for approximately 70 percent of its electricity, faces a situation of potential vulnerability. The country stands as the world’s largest net exporter of nuclear energy, contributing over €3 billion annually to its economy.

The recent military takeover in Niger has fueled speculation, albeit unconfirmed, that the country might suspend uranium supply to France. This development has triggered discussions about the future role of the nuclear industry within France’s energy landscape.

Notably, the move has prompted opposition politicians to question the compatibility of nuclear power with President Emmanuel Macron’s call for “energy independence.”

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