Yukon gov’t inspectors find violations at Hecla Mining’s Keno Hill project (CBC News North – July 28, 2023)


Report from June notes concerns with tailings facilities, water discharge, and hazardous material storage

Yukon mine inspectors found a series of problems at the Hecla Mining Company’s Keno Hill property, according to a recent report. Inspectors raised a number of concerns, including sediment runoff from tailings facilities, poor storage of hazardous materials, hydrocarbon stains on the ground, and discharged water that was toxic to fish.

“When you say are there lots of infractions found, well, I can tell you there’s 11 different pieces of legislation, all kinds of rules that have to be followed, and we do everything we can to help our companies comply with those requirements,” said Will Tewnion who’s with Yukon’s department Energy, Mines and Resources.

“We’ve identified the infractions, and we’re working with the company toward compliance.” The inspection report is based on a visit to the underground silver mine by two natural resources officers on June 27.

The report describes concerns with the dry stack tailings facility (DSTF) at the mine, where piles of toxic tailings were slumping, and erosion channels were visible in the material.

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