Yukon Gold Miners Just Stumbled Across A Rare Trove Of Hundreds Of Woolly Mammoth Bones – by Kaleena Fraga (All That’s Interesting – Updated February 10, 2023)


The fossils belonged to three woolly mammoths that lived some 30,000 years ago. They were likely even part of the same family.

Agroup of miners in Dawson City, Yukon hoped to strike gold. Instead, they came across another sort of treasure. As they sifted through the dirt, they uncovered a stunning trove of woolly mammoth bones.

“It’s probably one of the best days I’ve had working,” said Trey Charlie, who came across the bones alongside another miner at Little Flake Mine. “It’s so much fun to discover these things.” Charlie and his fellow miner discovered the bones while excavating mud from a mine site. As they worked, they uncovered an enormous tusk.

“We were amazed by the size of it and how heavy it was, so we brought it back to the yard,” Charlie said.The tusk discovered at the mine site. The miners had not struck gold — but they had uncovered a treasure trove of woolly mammoth bones. When an excavator scooped up another pile of bones, the miners started to search through the dirt.

“Throughout the day I was picking bones,” Charlie said. “Ribs, teeth, all kinds of things.” Having found what seemed to be complete skeletons, the miners turned the bones over to the Yukon government. The government then enlisted the help of paleontologists, who confirmed that the miners had found the bones of woolly mammoths.

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