‘The best untold story in Canada’: JP Gladu on how First Nations communities and the energy industry are partnering for responsible prosperity – by Staff (The Hub – July 19, 2023)


This episode of Hub Dialogues features host Rudyard Griffiths in discussion with JP Gladu, former President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, founder and President of Mokwateh, and current member of the board at Suncor. The two discuss the increasing partnerships between industry and Indigenous communities, the pathway to responsible development in the energy industry, and how Canada can become a model for other global jurisdictions.

RUDYARD GRIFFITHS: JP, welcome to the Hub Dialogues.

JEAN PAUL GLADU: Rudyard, it’s fantastic to be here. Thanks for having me.

RUDYARD GRIFFITHS: Likewise, looking forward to this conversation with you, exploring the Indigenous dimension of a lot of the issues and ideas that Pathways Alliance is grappling with. It’s a critical perspective to get on this conversation. So a privilege to talk with you today. Let’s start big picture, JP, for the benefit of our listeners.

How would you characterize the state of play right now within Canada’s Indigenous communities with regards to these larger ambitions around net zero reducing carbon emissions from operations? How is this being perceived? What’s the perspective on this? I love your insights.

JEAN PAUL GLADU: Great. That’s a big question, and I would say that I always to start off. We’re not a monolith. Of course, Indigenous nations have different political social economic standings and aspirations. But I would say, largely, what ties us together is as mothers, caretakers, we’ve been stewards of these lands for a very long time, and the alignment of getting to net zero, reducing our impact in the environment, cleaner air, cleaner water responsible resource development, that’s something that we can absolutely all get behind.

For the rest of this interview: https://thehub.ca/2023-07-19/the-best-untold-story-in-canada-jp-gladu-on-how-first-nations-communities-and-the-energy-industry-are-partnering-for-responsible-prosperity/