[Ontario Ring of Fire] The natural resources project that the Liberals can’t be allowed to fumble – by Conrad Black (National Post – July 15, 2023)


One of the world’s largest chromium deposits gives the Western Alliance a tremendous advantage

Regular readers will recall that from time to time I inveigh in this space against the uncompetitive economic performance of this country as we slip steadily down the list of the world’s most prosperous per capita incomes and we suffer every year from negative capital flows: more Canadian capital invested outside Canada than Canada attracts from foreigners.

The present federal government seems to wish to discourage our primary industry sector, that is all natural resources, though particularly the oil and gas industries. What the world envies about and most needs from Canada is that it is a treasure house of almost all forms of energy, forest products, base and precious metals and non-tropical agriculture.

Pierre Trudeau was periodically mesmerized by the anti-economic growth pieties of the Club of Rome, and astonishingly for a man of his high intelligence, did not grasp the importance and desirability of economic growth until its absence endangered his own political incumbency.

The present Trudeau government has many of the same prejudices and inhibitions with the excuse that this bearer of the famous name of the only family that has contributed two prime ministers to Canada is less intellectually exalted than his father.

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