The flame bearer: Kristan Straub, chief executive officer, Ring of Fire Metals – by Mehanaz Yakub (CIM Magazine – July 04, 2023)

Kristan Straub’s path to becoming the newly appointed CEO of Ring of Fire Metals was influenced by both nature and nurture.

With both his maternal and paternal grandfathers working in the mining industry and living in Falconbridge in Greater Sudbury, the allure of the local mine, mill and smelter naturally captivated his interest as a boy.

Appointed as the CEO of Ring of Fire Metals in March 2023, Straub is now at the helm of the Eagle’s Nest project, one of the world’s largest untapped deposits of high-grade nickel, copper and palladium. These critical minerals have become highly sought after as Canada aims to become a global leader in battery electric vehicle manufacturing.

“I would say that this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity within Canada,” said Straub. “Not just for electrification, it’s [also] for the empowerment of First Nations.” One of the Ring of Fire Metals’ goals is to turn Eagle’s Nest into the largest First Nations-led infrastructure project in Ontario.

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