OPINION: Nuclear power is a key part of a green future – by Editorial Board (Globe and Mail – July 12, 2023)


It’s an utterly predictable chain reaction. Any proposal to expand nuclear-generated electricity as part of the effort to reduce carbon emissions is met with instant condemnation from environmentalists who can’t see past their historical antipathy to atomic power.

So it was last week in Ontario, when the Progressive Conservative government sensibly proposed further expansion of its nuclear-generation capacity, which already supplies about half of the province’s electricity.

Ontario is looking at two options: three (relatively) small modular nuclear reactors for its Darlington facility 40 kilometres east of Toronto; and a new, full-scale plant at the Bruce Power nuclear generation site on the shore of Lake Huron, which would be the first such reactor built in the province in the last 30 years.

After years of flatlining, electricity demand in Ontario is projected to increase steadily over the next two decades, rising by 40 per cent between 2024 and 2043. Nearly half of that increased demand is forecast to come from the transportation sector, as the number of electric vehicles soars.

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