Freedom is the reason Canada must be cherished, not cancelled – by Terence Corcoran (National Post – June 28, 2023)

The 1867 Project is an eye-opening collection of essays that dig down into mainstream Canadian negativism and expose most of it as the product of twisted ideologies and misunderstandings

The 1867 Project challenges and rejects anti-Canadian identity politics and issues a call for national ideological renewal.

As our troubled nation approaches another Canada Day — the 156th anniversary of Confederation — the celebration is always at risk of being overtaken by people, ideologies and movements that portray Canada’s heritage as a national embarrassment, the product of colonialism, racism, genocidal tendencies, cultural repression and conflict, a place where statues of historical figures deserve to be toppled.

There is no need to describe the innumerable flaws that allegedly plague Canadian history. We know them all, catalogued daily over the last few years in media and books and on film that portray Canada as a country plagued by religious and racial conflicts, discrimination based on skin colour or heritage, stories of mass graves and social injustice, gender suppression and political repression.

The need to reverse this narrative and correct history with facts and understanding is long overdue, and now may be the perfect time to begin deconstructing the negative narrative that has poisoned the real story of Canada, of a nation that, through 156 years, has risen and triumphed as a land of freedom for individuals of all races and cultures.

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