‘Dare to say mining is ok’ and dig in for global change – by Marion Rae (Canberra Times – June 27, 2023)


Companies and governments are vying for enough critical minerals to accelerate the world’s energy transformation but community trust is stuck in the slow lane. The industry is at a defining moment, Minerals Council of Australia CEO Tania Constable told an international forum in Brisbane.

Electric vehicles will need six times more minerals than conventional vehicles. Combined with surging demand for energy storage, solar panels and wind turbines, global mining investment to supply manufacturers will need to increase by $US100 billion per year.

“Do not be afraid to say mining is okay,” Professor Marek Cala said at the official opening of the World Mining Congress on Tuesday. Consumers are demanding higher environmental and human rights standards and critics want higher taxes so Australians get their fair share of the country’s wealth.

Australia’s aim is to mine and produce factory-ready materials, rather than simply dig and ship rocks, as Australia eyes the next rung on the clean energy ladder. “But there is more to be done,” Ms Constable warned.

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