The lunatic left hijacked the environment for anti-capitalist ends – by Conrad Black (National Post – June 24, 2023)

Destroying the economy in the name of climate change is their obsession

The recent fog that settled briefly on many northeastern cities from Ottawa to Philadelphia as a result of unusually extensive forest fires in Quebec and northern Ontario led to the predictable conscription of this freakish event as further evidence of the need to assault the oil and gas industry and ratchet up the cost of living of practically everyone.

This is part of the self-assigned Canadian mission of saving the planet from the capitalists. There is never much of a respite from outbursts of delusional absurdities of the climate extremists. I’m not a climate denier but I am a resolute and vociferous opponent of hare-brained, self-punitive, instant cures for problems whose causes, proportions, and possible solutions are not fully known to us.

As I’ve written here before, the legitimate, if frequently tedious, hue and cry of authentic conservationists in the 1970’s and 1980’s making a good and at least in its objectives, an irrefutable case for reduction of air and water pollution, suddenly was transmogrified by a gigantic gain-of-function booster into an unholy war on fossil fuels and a verbal and regulatory assault on anyone who dissented from what was represented by hysterics such as former U.S. vice president Al Gore, (who at least made a lot of money out of it), as the necessity for a complete shutdown of fossil fuel industries on pain of the destruction of all life in the world within approximately 10 years.

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