Liberals come for Alberta oil workers with mistitled sustainable jobs act – by Rex Murphy (National Post – June 21, 2023)

The title of the act is a lie. It is not about sustaining jobs. It is about killing jobs

Is it that they don’t know better? Or they simply do not care? It has to be both. The most arrogant, blundering government in modern times is fixated on devastating the most essential industry Canada has; on stopping the production of the most essential resource of the modern world. The resource that makes the world work: energy.

Everyday Albertans must be asking themselves, without hope of any reply, “What is it we have done to earn the enmity of this green cabal in Ottawa, so hypnotized by their delusional calling to save the world from global warming that they have now officially given us notice that they want to kill our most productive and central industry?

What have we done to be the objects of this economic and political persecution from the stumbling green cabal in Ottawa?”

This latest attempt is not their the first attempt. They gave it a good go in the 1980s, when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau launched the National Energy Program, the single most hated piece of legislation to hit Alberta in all its history.

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