$1 billion SPAC deal shows how mining supply chains are breaking up – by Frik Els (Mining.com – June 22, 2023)


Appian Capital Advisory bought the Santa Rita nickel mine out of bankruptcy for $68 million and the Serrote copper-gold project for $40 million in 2018. The previous owners of the Santa Rita had already spent $1 billion building the mine and Appian splashed another $400m on the property bringing it into production.

Last week, the London-HQ company sold the two Brazilian properties for $1.065 billion, $65m of which is associated with a contemplated gold royalty on Serrote.

The transaction is a prime example of what Michael Scherb, Appian founder and CEO, told MINING.COM in 2018 is the firm’s investment philosophy: “Mining is the perfect industry for applying long-term value investing principles because it’s so cyclical, and you let the industry create the entry and exit windows for you through its volatility and irrationality.”

Few metals give nickel a run for its money when it comes to volatility. When Appian bought Atlantic Nickel in 2018 the price averaged just over $13,000 a tonne and on its way to today’s $25k the devil’s copper briefly topped $100k. And if someone said in 2018 that not one, but two automakers would fund the investment to buy the mines, few would have called that rational.

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