USA plants continue to rely on foreign sources of uranium supply (World Nuclear News – June 15, 2023)

The EIA’s 2022 Uranium Marketing Annual Report, published on 13 June, provides detailed data on uranium marketing activities in the USA from 2017 to 2022, and summary data back to 2001.

The information is based on data collected through the EIA’s Uranium Marketing Annual Survey – known as Form EIA-858 – which collects data on contracts, deliveries, enrichment services purchased, inventories, use in fuel assemblies, feed deliveries to enrichers, and unfilled market requirements for the next 10 years.

The 40.5 million pounds U3O8 equivalent (15,578 tU) total uranium purchased by the owners and operators of the USA’s civilian nuclear power reactors in 2022 was 13% down on 2021’s total of 46.7 million pounds U3O8e. The weighted average price of USD39.08 per pound for 2022’s purchases was 15% higher than the 2021’s weighted average price of USD33.91 per pound, and the highest since 2016.

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