Ghana dethrones South Africa to become Africa’s top gold producer (North Africa Post – June 15, 2023)


Ghana has reclaimed its top position as Africa’s premier gold producer, surpassing South Africa, after large-scale mining companies in the West African country increased gold production from 2.2 million ounces in 2012 to 3.08 million ounces last year.

After a temporary setback in 2021 due to a sharp decline in output, Ghana has reclaimed its coveted position as the continent’s top gold producer with a 32% increase in output, driven by both small- and large-scale mining sectors.

The West African nation’s success in the gold industry has been attributed to several factors, most notably the revival of mining companies, expansion of output, and government policies.

According to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor, the gold production landscape in Ghana has undergone a significant transformation, including an astounding increase of gold production in the small-scale sector.

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