Ground Breakers: Iron ore squillionaire Gina Rinehart wants to sell our lithium to India – by Josh Chiat ( – June 14, 2023)

Gina Rinehart is worth approximately a totopatrillion bucks these days, a quantum we’ve invented because Hancock’s Roy Hill royalties are so iron-clad these days it really doesn’t matter what Australia’s richest person is worth. She’s minted.

And while iron ore has been the bread and butter of Hancock going back to the Lang days, Gina’s interests have become more varied and adventurous over time. Gas, cattle stations and coal are some obvious ones.

Then there is the Pilbara princess’ growing list of investments in critical minerals from rare earths to lithium and more. The latter is where we head today, with Rinehart and Hancock finally taking the big step from investors to explorer and potential miner in the lithium space.

The vessel for that quantum shift is a lithium earn-in and JV at the Mt Bevan project where it was previously looking to develop a magnetite iron ore mine with juniors Legacy Iron Ore (ASX:LCY) and Hawthorn Resources (ASX:HAW).

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