James Cameron feels he ‘walked into an ambush’ in Argentine lithium dispute – by Daniel Politi (Associated Press – June 10, 2023)


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Movie director James Cameron says he feels he “walked into an ambush” this week during a visit to Argentina in which he believes there was an attempt to use his image as an environmentalist to give a positive spin to lithium mining operations despite Indigenous opposition.

Cameron, the director of “Avatar” and “Titanic,” said Friday he would now devote attention and money from his Avatar Alliance Foundation to support Indigenous communities opposing lithium operations in South America.

“Ironically, the outcome of this is that I am now aware of the problem and we will now assist through my foundation with the issue of Indigenous rights with respect to lithium extraction,” Cameron told a group of journalists gathered in his hotel room in the capital of Buenos Aires Friday evening.

Cameron came to Argentina this week to speak at a sustainability conference in Buenos Aires on Friday. “I believed that I was coming here to make a kind of motivational speech about environmental causes,” Cameron said.

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