[Saskatchewan] Cameco seeks to re-licence mines in the North – by Dan Jones (MBC Radio – June 7, 2023)


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is recommending that Cameco be issued licences for it’s Key Lake McArthur River and Rabbit Lake operations in northern Saskatchewan. The Commission is conducting public hearings in Saskatoon Wednesday and Thursday.

The Commission suggests a 20-year licence for Key Lake and McArthur River and a 15-year licence for Rabbit Lake. Technicians within the Commission said that there is operational uncertainty with Rabbit Lake as it is currently under care and maintenance, since 2016 and is expected to stay within that status for the near future.

Cameco wanted an indefinite time licence, but backed off that position, after First Nations and community groups expressed concern with oversight and monitoring of activities. “No new activities are proposed with our 20-year licence term.

The current activities are well understood and we will continue to operate within the licencing basis,” said Liam Mooney, Vice President, Safety, Health, Environment & Quality and Regulatory Relations with Cameco.

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