Every man and his dog is looking for lithium in Canada right now. Which ASX companies have joined the craze? – by Josh Chiat (Stockhead – June 4, 2023)


Back in ye olden days they told explorers, vagabonds and wayward youth to ‘Go West’ in search of a better life. Now the catchphrase for down on their luck ASX explorers is ‘Go North’, spreading like a virus across its moose populated plains in search of today’s go-to metal, lithium.

But is much of it moose pasture? Thanks to Twitter’s Viking Trader we have a running weekly commentary on the number of ASX explorers taking the plunge in Canada’s vast outback. According to Viking Trader, he counted 21 greenfields projects on the ASX just one week earlier. A craze to rival the Monster Mash.

As a lithium jurisdiction Canada’s various territories pale in comparison to WA, home to around half of the world’s lithium raw material production. It has just one operating mine, Sayona’s (ASX:SYA) North American Lithium operation in Quebec, and that previously went bust in the last downturn.

But for many explorers therein lies the opportunity. While it appears the biggest spodumene deposits in WA have already been identified and soaked up by majors or former upstarts now worth billions of dollars, Canada’s immaturity makes it a land of opportunity.

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