Battery electric vehicles transforming modern mining – by Hugh Kruzel (Sudbury Star – June 5, 2023)

Pace of change surprises observers, Sudbury conference hears

Traditionally, the mining industry has been slow – even loathe – to adopt change. However, the way the industry has taken to battery electric vehicles in the last three to five years represents nothing less than a paradigm shift, a Sudbury conference was told last week.

“We are changing how mining is done,” said Dale Rakochy of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “We realized we were checking off so many boxes with deploying EV technology,” Rakochy said.

Electric mining systems and the fleets of haul trucks, personnel carriers, mucking equipment and drills are all seeing a swop. But how it is being done and how quickly is surprising, said those who participated in the BEV In-Depth Mines to Mobility Conference held at Cambrian College over two days.

Some observers would say this shift was driven first by a focus on savings achieved from the reduced need for massive inputs of energy to ventilate diesel particulates from underground operations; others would shine a light on the health of workers.

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