North to reap the rewards of BEVs, minister tells delegates – by Len Gillis ( – June 1, 2023)

Ontario Mines Minister George Pirie tells delegates to Sudbury battery electric vehicle conference that Northern Ontario’s mining industry is going to power the future in a sustainable and clean energy fashion

Just as the discovery of oil in Texas fuelled the U.S. economy for a century and a half, so will the critical minerals of Northern Ontario fuel the electric vehicle economy of this province in the years to come.

That was part of the message Wednesday when Ontario Mines Minister George Pirie spoke to the second annual BEV-In-Depth conference being held to promote the battery electric vehicle industry in Sudbury and the rest of Ontario. Pirie’s speech was nothing short of a rally-the-team pep talk for Northern Ontario mining.

The BEV event is on at Cambrian College with hundreds of delegates gathered to discuss how Sudbury can best take advantage of the economic opportunities provided by the growth of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in both the automotive and mining sectors.

Battery electric vehicles require energy from large new-technology batteries that are created using critical minerals such as nickel, cobalt, lithium and graphite. Pirie said Northern Ontario stands to reap the rewards of the global push toward clean energy and green energy.

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