Sudbury conference on BEVs draws hundreds of delegates – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – May 31, 2023)

Delegates from various sectors including government, mining, automotive and battery development are in the city to plot the future of battery electric vehicles in the province

The second annual BEV In Depth conference kicked off in Sudbury on May 31 with hundreds of delegates from across Ontario joining the effort on how to continue bringing battery electric vehicles (BEVs) into the mainstream for mining and general automotive purposes.

Greater Sudbury is working to find ways to improve the city’s role in developing local industries — not only to serve the automotive battery electric market, but also to promote and enhance the role of the mining industry for the large industrial BEV market.

The event is being held at Cambrian College and includes public areas where battery electric automobiles and mining equipment is on display for Wednesday and Thursday.

This marks the second year for the conference, which debuted last spring, attracting delegates from across sectors — government, mining, automotive, battery development — to discuss battery-electric vehicles and their future in Ontario.

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