Sudbury company applies for lithium processing plant permit – by Aya Dufour (CBC News Sudbury – June 1, 2023)

If the company obtains environmental approvals, construction could start in 2024

Lithium is one of the key ingredients of electric vehicle batteries, and while Ontario has promising deposits and manufacturing plants, it does not have any processing facilities for this mineral. But that could soon change.

Frontier Lithium, a Sudbury-based exploration company, has recently applied for permits to build a pilot lithium processing plant in the Township of Nairn and Hyman, west of Sudbury. Vice President of Operations Graeme Goodall says the proposed facility will be small-scale.

“There will be no product sold from that demonstration plant per se,” he said, adding that the project would be used to test the technology and to train staff. “We’ll use it to understand what happens when someone accidentally puts the wrong agent in the wrong tank, that sort of thing.”

Frontier Lithium eventually hopes to build a permanent lithium processing facility, but it has not yet figured out where. Its main lithium deposit is north of Red Lake, near the Ontario-Manitoba border.

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