Sudan Crisis: A Cautionary Tale For Nigeria – by Abachi Ungbo (Independent Nigeria – May 22, 2023)

Sudan is profusely bleeding on the strength of its current painful war. It is such a great country with an interesting history. The country has a huge land mass – third in Africa. And it’s strategically located – close to the Red sea – “….a vital artery for the world economy.” It is a beneficiary of the famous Nile – making it fertile for agriculture so much so that it has attracted investments from the rich Arab countries.

It has abundant crude oil deposit until the secession of the South Sudan in 2011. Also, it’s very rich in natural resources. It has the third largest gold deposit in Africa – aside other minerals like uranium, manganese, chromite. Although it remains impoverished despite being so much blessed.

There’s so much to say about Sudan. Anyway, its economy went south in the aftermath of the secession of South Sudan which saw to the loss of huge oil riches. Oil revenues tapered off and adjusting to the reality became an uphill task.

Omar al-Bashir, who ruled for three decades, became the target of citizens’ frustration over the situation. The 2019 uprising led to his topple and the much-coveted transition to democracy was stalled with the overthrow of the transitional civilian government before the current crisis broke out between two guys that worked collaboratively against al-Bashir.

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