Saskatchewan: ‘Come get me’: Premier Moe responds to federal minister on running coal plants past 2030 – by Adam Hunter (CBC News Saskatchewan – May 18, 2023)

Premier Scott Moe said “come get me” on Thursday when asked about the potential legal ramifications of running coal-fired power plants past 2030 in violation of federal regulations. On Wednesday, Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada Steven Guilbeault said Saskatchewan would be breaking the law if it ran coal-fired electricity after 2030, unless they were equipped with carbon capture technology.

“We’ve regulated the ban on coal through CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act) which is a criminal tool that the federal government has. So not complying with this regulation would be a violation of Canada’s Criminal Code.”

Guilbeault had been asked to respond to comments Moe made on Tuesday saying the province could continue to run its coal-fired plants until end of life, well past 2030. On Thursday morning, Moe fired back at Guilbeault.

“If where we’ve come to in this country is when individuals in this province, or any other province, they flick their lights on or their furnace fan kicks in that’s deemed illegal and cause for someone to go to jail, come get me,” Moe said.

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